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Imagine having the ability to see exactly what you vision your newly designed space will look like before purchasing a single item. Consider the time and money that can be saved by viewing an online snapshot of your future space without walking out of the door. Do you love to decorate but cannot vision all the pieces coming together in the end? Visuroom introduces the most innovative interior design tool that allows subscribers to upload and arrange furniture, art, accessories, and wall and floor coverings in a virtual room with perfectly scaled dimensions, including walls, door and window placement with exact measurements. Your virtual space can include walls with the paint color and/or wallpaper on the wall, rugs placed on the floor, even the finishing touches like a centerpiece on a dining table. Within the tool, you can choose from thousands of paint colors, furniture and light fixtures…all available through our site. You can also include items you find shopping elsewhere, pieces you already own and even custom pieces you may be having designed. Sound good? Step inside for a tour and we’ll show you around.

Step Inside And We’ll Show Your Around
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I'm a professional interior designer that was selected to try Visuroom for free. This design tool is so fast and easy to use. The benefits are instantly clear with the Electronic Vision Board feature already saving me so much time and the stress of trying to connect for meetings with my client’s busy schedules, that we both are happy. Furthermore, the 3D feature is the ultimate interior design companion. It take the headache of trial and error out of indecisive clients; they can actually see exactly what their finished space will look like. What a savior!

Lucy Interior Design - Los Angeles, CA

Visuroom User Plans

Visuroom for DIY

Doing it yourself has never been easier. Whether you want to update a bedroom or redecorate the entire house, Visuroom allows you to explore many different styles and color palettes when planning your project. Faster decision making and fewer mistakes make your DIY project more fun and less stressful.

Visuroom for The Trade

Creating visuals for clients is fast and efficient with Visuroom. Designing visual boards AND snapshots of future layouts of the designed rooms during the planning stages will provide confidence in the decision making process. Visuroom was created for Designers with clients who struggle with visualizing the Designers future work. Visuroom is a great addition to every Designers bag of tricks.

Visuroom for Realtor/Staging

A beautifully staged home is vital for selling in the real estate market. Visuroom is the perfect business partner for realtors or staging professionals. In having the ability to virtually stage properties with a click of a button you will save time, money and provide potential buyers a better glimpse into their future home.

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