What's This All About?

Visuroom was created to provide clients a way to actually see the designer’s vision of the designed space prior to ordering and purchasing items. Many times items are nonreturnable and client’s fear decorating a wall with paint or wallpaper because they cannot visualize the end product. The ability to show clients before and after photos prior to ordering saves time, shipping cost and reassures clients on how certain colors and pieces compliment each other, work in the space and provides comfort when ordering costumed made furniture. With Visuroom, subscribers are able to review countless design variations, which lead to educated decision-making and ultimately satisfied customers. Visuroom saves countless hours with staging homes and labor setting up and arranging furniture for clients who are still unsure of their purchases prior to install. Visuroom is a great tool for The Real Estate Industry. The ability to virtually stage homes allows potential buyers to see endless opportunities. Visuroom is a tool used by Designers, DIY Homeowners and the Real Estate Industry to create comfort when finalizing purchases, save time with layout and furniture arrangement, staging and most importantly, provide a sneak peak of each users future space.

Visuroom houses complete e-catalogs from your favorite design stores, boutique designers and resources for you to select items and purchase through the `site. Visuroom offers two tools and two different payment structures; a virtual vision board that place all the elements wanted to include in the designed space, or a full 3D snapshot of your actual room, to scale, which takes the vision board to the next level. Whether you are a Designer decorating a space for clients, Realtor staging a home to sell or a consumer needing design advice from time to time, Visuroom is the solution.

Who's the Brain
Behind All This?

Michelle Patterson is the founder and principle designer for Jigsaw Design Group in Los Angeles. Her eye for style and all things unique are synonymous with who she is. Creating spaces her clients truly love is the ultimate satisfaction for Michelle and her team of designers who share her same vision regarding customer service, excellent standards and professionalism. Her love of design and desire to give her clients exactly what they want drove her to create this brainchild known as Visuroom. She always hopes to incorporate client’s wishes, while pushing them to try new things in an efficient manner. The ability to provide a true visual aid allowed client’s to see her design visions for their homes and offices, build confidence and add a value added service in a cost effective way. With the success of her personal use of the Visuroom for her clients, she saw immediately the benefit of sharing this groundbreaking product with other designers and consumers to satisfy their design needs.